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Bubble Gum is a well stable strain and consists of 40 percent Indica and 60 percent Sativa genetics. Bubble Gum provides you high flowers in THC and a medium amount of CBD. And also this is well-furnished cannabis in the competitions. This cannabis bag the second position in the high time’s cannabis cup in 1995. Moreover, Bubble Gum won the Spannabis Cannabis Champions Cup.

Uses of Bubble Gum Top Shelf

Bubblegum is the most popular strain as if it is commonly used for medical purposes.

  • It is used to recommend for pains and aches and the most important chronic stress as well as anxiety.
  • Bubblegum can also reduce the appetite and provide you a healthy environment. And also it reduces the psychomotor excitement of ADD and ADHD.
  • It can also treat neuropathic pain like fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy, and arthritis.


Effects of Bubble Gum only observed when it is used in an excess amount that can harm your body in many ways.

  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Depression
  • Dry mouth

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Bubble Gum is on sale, it is made of 40 percent Indica and 60 percent Sativa genetics. It has a vigorous citrus-like smell that is different from all other cannabis this makes the Bubble Gum win the Cannabis Cup as well as bag the second position in another cannabis cup. Moreover, it is the most popular strain and the highest selling rate. So make sure that you buy it from the bestplugshop to get the best quality.


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